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Parkour athletes are some of the most well-rounded specimens in the world, often called ninjas and many wish to join the clan. They can run, jump, vault, climb, swing and balance.

Now how does one learn the skills? While it is possible to just go out and send it... in Traceur I have put together a more methodical and safe (ish) way of going about the progression. Here, we focus just on the traditional philosophy of the discipline getting from A-B in the most efficient manner possible. Don't worry if flips and tricks aren't in your wheelhouse. The purist parkour progression of urban efficiency is 2-months long - starts out light, teaches you safety tricks and then quickly increases in difficultly.

Be smooth and be powerful!

At Katona Athletic Performance we believe that athleticism is a choice and can be built at any point in life - all you need is the desire to attain it. Ready to experience physical literacy in a brand-new way? Let's Build!

What's included

Workout PDFs

The phases of the program come complementary with a PDF document of the workouts, allowing you to quickly reference your training plan independently of the videos.

Instructional Videos

The program includes detailed videos for each movement introduced designed with a 3 layer teaching style: 1. Visual Demo, 2. Written Cues & 3. Voice-Over to cater to all learning styles.

Knowledge Enhancement PDFs

Here at Katona Athletic Performance our goal is to leaving you feeling more educated than when you walked in. The included PDF files are designed to enhance your training experience and give you the tools to sit in the driver's seat of your journey to personal excellence.

In summary, you get:

Workout PDF

Exercise Videos

Knowledge Enhancement PDFs


$50 Subscription (includes all programs)

This one's for the ninjas.

Keystone Program +
Private Coaching.


For 3 months, I provide technical feedback via text/voice message on all relevant videos you send, and make ongoing adjustments to your program based on how you respond to the work. I also advise you more generally on recovery / lifestyle protocols as needed to help you get the most out of the work.

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