Contrary to the strength and aesthetics game, there are many tactics, reactions and skills necessary in team sports. We need to be able to read our defenders, deke, change direction, jump and sometimes muscle our opponents. While participation in sport is king in skill development, there are ways we can further enhance our capacity and speed through smart programming.

This program is about 4 months long with 4 phases. Each phase has specific goal in mind ranging from tissue preparation to rate of force development. The accompanying PDF documents have space for you to record your weights, while laying out the rest of the framework. It is highly recommended that you understand the fundamentals of movement first (Keystone PDFs) and have adequate strength (Repeat Until Good), before jumping into this one.

At Katona Athletic Performance we believe that athleticism is a choice and can be built at any point in life - all you need is the desire to attain it. Ready to experience physical literacy in a brand-new way? Let's Build!

Aleksandar Borisov
Pacific Elite Beach Volleyball

"It’s been amazing having a program tailored specifically to my sport and athletic build. Over a couple of sessions, we fine-tuned exercises that would help me specifically with my explosiveness and the different aches from overuse. The attention to detail from Adrian has definitely elevated my beach volleyball game and I would recommend them to anyone serious about improving their game."

Justin Faester
Pacific Elite Beach Volleyball

"Normally, my shoulder would be sore for days after a heavy practice. Now, my recovery time has decreased significantly and my shoulder has never felt so healthy. Also, my ability to change direction in the sand has improved immensely. Thanks Adrian for improving my game."

Zeid Hamadeh
MSc UBC Human Genetics
Pacific Elite Beach Volleyball
Team Canada Beach Volleyball

"Adrian from Katona Athletic Performance is a very committed, insightful sports medicine practitioner that I’ve been very happy working with for the past 6 months since I transitioned out of my collegiate indoor volleyball career of 5 years and began my international career in beach volleyball. He puts a ton of care and attention to detail into his training regimens and physical assessments and has helped me rehabilitate my patellar tendonitis of almost 7 years back to full health focusing mostly on hip mobility, core stability and breathing. As an undersized (190cm) volleyball player, I need to maintain a high level of power and speed to compete against larger components and Adrian is helping do just that."

Hayden Kosmerly
Pacific Elite Beach Volleyball

"My mobility substantially improved. All my movements are now much less restricted. I'm also feeling much more explosive! Thank you Adrian"

What's included

Workout PDFs

The phases of the program come complementary with a PDF document of the workouts, allowing you to quickly reference your training plan independently of the videos.

Instructional Videos

The program includes detailed videos for each movement introduced designed with a 3 layer teaching style: 1. Visual Demo, 2. Written Cues & 3. Voice-Over to cater to all learning styles.

Knowledge Enhancement PDFs

Here at Katona Athletic Performance our goal is to leaving you feeling more educated than when you walked in. The included PDF files are designed to enhance your training experience and give you the tools to sit in the driver's seat of your journey to personal excellence.

In summary, you get:

Workout PDF

Exercise Videos

Knowledge Enhancement PDFs


$50 Subscription (includes all programs)

Ready to flex multi-directional prowess on your competition?

Keystone Program +
Private Coaching.


For 3 months, I provide technical feedback via text/voice message on all relevant videos you send, and make ongoing adjustments to your program based on how you respond to the work. I also advise you more generally on recovery / lifestyle protocols as needed to help you get the most out of the work.

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